Digiflavor DROP V2

Product intro and specs

The Digiflavor DROP V2 is a 24 mm RDA with a unique, space capsule design. Most rebuildable users are familiar with the first DROP from Digiflavor and Brian at TVC – The Vapor Chronicles—however Brian was not involved with this RDA or the DROP V1.5. This isn’t the first time a company has continued to use a particular branding even though that person is no longer collaborating with them.

The V2 has a drop-in style build deck that you drop the coils into—hence the name—with solid posts that no longer have “hoop” style post holes. You can do either single or dual-coil builds, and it claims to do direct lung or restricted direct lung. It has a fixed two-piece cap with a knurled airflow ring that moves incredibly smoothly and allows precise control over the airflow. It also has a deep juice well, which makes it good for dripping or squonking.

So, did Digiflavor go backward when designing this RDA? Keep reading to find out what my thoughts are on the DROP V2.

This RDA was sent to me by Digiflavor for the purpose of this review and is available at eightvape.com.

Price: TBA (at eight vape)

Colors: Silver, black, violet, blue, gunmetal, rainbow.


The Digiflavor DROP V2 RDA has a diameter of 24 mm with a deck diameter of 21.3 mm. It has a total height of 39.5 mm including the drip tip.

The DROP V2 is constructed of stainless steel with a PEEK insulator. It comes with an 810 sized drip tip.

Inside the kit you will find:

  • 1 x DROP V2 RDA
  • 4 x 3mm ID fused Clapton coils (0.4 ohms)
  • 4 x 3mm cotton strips
  • 1 x Tri-tool
  • 1 x BF pin
  • 1 x Accessory bag
  • 1 x User manual

Build quality and design

The DROP V2 RDA has a unique space capsule aesthetic that looks completely different from the original DROP or V1.5 RDAs, apart from the DROP logo. There is extensive Digiflavor branding on the RDA including the logo, “DIGIFLAVOR” text, and branding on the bottom.

The RDA has beveled edges on the top cap and barrel which gives it a sleek look but causes the base to taper in to 22mm instead of a flush 24mm diameter. The included Delrin 810 drip tip and six color options help give the RDA an attractive finish, although some of the logos look slightly worn off in spots.

With the drip tip, the RDA stands 39.5mm tall. The build deck diameter is 21.3mm with a drop-in post design rather than the original post holes. This should prevent posts from breaking which was an issue for some with the original DROP. The new posts also have rounded corners which helps keep coil leads centered when tightening down screws.

Overall machining quality is excellent with smooth o-rings and a remarkably smooth top cap and airflow control ring. The top cap airflow is non-removable though, so cleaning the interior may be difficult without soaking. There are 12 total airflow slots, arranged in two rows of 3 on each side, measuring 4mm x 1mm each.

Included accessories are a bit limited with only one drip tip, no 510 adapter, and no coil cutting guide. You do get 4 pre-made coils, 4 cotton strips, a tri-tool, BF pin, extra screws and o-rings. The manual unfortunately does not specify coil lead cutting length.

Build deck and wicking

The DROP V2 has a drop-in style build deck with flat head grub screws on the sides to secure leads. The positive posts are separated from the milled negative posts by a PEEK insulator.

Since leads can’t be trimmed after installing coils, they must be pre-cut to length. This makes building easier than the original DROP as you can simply drop pre-cut coils in and tighten down.

The post holes remain the same size as the original at around 3mm x 2mm but now have rounded corners rather than square. There is ample build space, fitting coils up to 3.5mm diameter for dual builds. The included 6-wrap coils dropped right in. For dual coils, cutting leads to 5mm worked perfectly, allowing coils to be positioned centered or closer to the airflow slots.

Wicking is straightforward. The included cotton laces are long enough to thread through both coils in a dual build. With coils sitting high off the deck, you’ll need to leave plenty of cotton length to reach the bottom. No combing out is necessary for dripping or squonking, just avoid overstuffing the deck when squonking or you may cover the BF pin hole.

Building and wicking on the DROP V2 is very easy thanks to the drop-in deck and ample build space. Pre-cutting leads is the only notable difference from the original in terms of the building process.


The DROP V2 has a different airflow design compared to the original’s honeycomb style. There are two vertical rows of 3 slots on each side for a total of 12 airflow holes measuring 4mm x 1mm each.

The airflow is directed at the posts first before traveling up under the coils, unlike the original’s direct-to-coil flow. However, despite this difference, the V2 still provides excellent flavor.

The airflow is very smooth with the RDA fully open providing an airier draw. Closing it down introduces some restriction but the draw remains fairly open. With half the slots open, 3 on top and 3 on bottom per side, the airflow is perfect for a nice restricted lung hit.

Adjusting airflow is easy with the smooth turning knurled control ring. You can cut it down slot by slot starting from the top row first before it starts closing off the bottom row. The control ring feels solid and hasn’t gotten looser over time so far.

The two-piece top cap is fixed and doesn’t come apart which could make cleaning difficult. But the incredibly smooth airflow control is a pro that outweighs the potential maintenance con.

DROP V2 RDA performance

The design changes made to the DROP V2 are improvements over the original RDA. The shift to solid posts prevents breaking issues some had with the original as well as eliminating cotton getting caught on trimmed leads.

The rounded post holes keep leads centered when tightening down screws. I never personally had posts break but did encounter occasional lead pinching and cotton snagging with the original.

Despite directing airflow at the posts first, the DROP V2 still provides excellent flavor. Wide open the airflow is clouds bro clouds, but dialed halfway down produces a great balance of flavor and vapor production. The draw remains fairly airy when closed down completely, not as restricted as something like the Blotto RTA.

Leakage is possible, especially with bottom airflow placed 3mm lower than the original. But it takes oversquonking or extreme tilting to make it leak based on my experience so far. Usually just some excess juice gets stuck in the airflow which clears after a quick draw.

The improvements to the deck and fantastic airflow make the DROP V2 a top performing RDA overall. Digiflavor successfully iterated on the original design to create an even better vaping experience.

Pros / Cons


  • Excellent build quality
  • Perfect o-ring tolerances
  • Easy to build on drop-in style deck
  • Smooth and adjustable airflow
  • Great flavor production
  • Minimal leaking
  • Includes squonk BF pin
  • Coils and cotton included in kit
  • Coil specs labeled


  • Beveled base doesn’t sit flush on some mods
  • Non-removable top cap makes cleaning difficult
  • Only one included drip tip
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • No coil lead cutting guide
  • Manual doesn’t specify lead cutting length


The original DROP RDA is more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, but the DROP V2 performs just as well, if not better, when it comes to flavor and vapor production. Once you get past the space capsule styling, it’s an excellent atomizer.

My main cons are the appearance and non-removable top cap. The beveled base also doesn’t sit flush on some mods. However, the vape experience outweighs these relatively minor issues.

Flavor and vapor production are on par with the renowned original DROP thanks to the easy build deck and smooth adjustable airflow. The minor improvements like rounded post holes and included coils make building and maintenance even easier.

So if you can get over the divisive looks or just care about performance, the DROP V2 comes highly recommended. It’s an impressive revision that improves upon the original in nearly every way.

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